Interview Jean-Luc Delamare SNCF

Jean-Luc Delamare oversees specifications production for all rolling materials operated by the SNCF (French national railway company) and by the regional councils, with the contribution of almost a thousand experts. We asked him about his use of Semios.

What motivated you to use Semios ?

For 2 years, we have been redesigning a complete upgrade of our requirements reference guide : architecture, rules, methodologies. We aim to produce better requirements while saving time, thus, money.

Why saving time ? So our experts can use this time elsewhere : first absorb every new aspect of our new reference guide, then tackle the numerous other tasks to develop their expertise in the field.

It was then essential to find a tool that analyses the writing rules in a fast and automatic way, so experts can focus on the content of the requirements.

What is your feedback after using Semios ?

First, it covers well the semantic rules in our reference guide, over 80%. Then it is pedagogical, it helps writers, allows them to improve themselves without dictating to them how to specify. The Semios comments give them the freedom to decide what to do.

The tool saves their time: the writing expert analyses himself the requirements he or she wrote before submitting it. These analyses are complete while the human analysis can change from a verificator to another.

Eventually, we thought that Semios was fast: for example 200 to 300 requirements are analysed in a few seconds.

How can the impact of Semios be measured ? What indicators would you recommend ?

  • The Return Rate

Before the use of Semios, we were sending back on average 30% of the requirements to the writers during the check phase. Our objective is to get as close as possible to our goal “perfect at first strike” let’s say near 90%, so 10% of return rate.

  • The cost of Specifications Documents Writing.

Comparing the cost of writing with the classical method, that is to say, with manual verification.

  • The User Satisfaction Rate

We observed the classical curve in change management, from opposition to compliance. Nowadays, the first users feel well prepared and expect significant time savings.

We are engaging in a complementary lobbying effort towards our clients so they follow the new reference guide as well.

A conclusion ?

Yes, Thank you to the Semios team for their conviction, and for the help they provided during all test phases.

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